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America's Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers 2024

Ambulatory surgery centers, where patients can undergo common surgical procedures such as cataract surgery or a colonoscopy, have become a cornerstone of modern health care. These centers offer the convenience of quicker procedures, with the patient typically returning home on the same day. Unlike more intricate surgeries performed in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers offer streamlined care focusing on efficiency and patient comfort.

Across the United States, there are thousands of Medicare-certified ambulatory surgery centers encompassing various surgical specialties, including orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery, eye surgery and spinal surgery. To help our readers make informed health care decisions, Newsweek has partnered with the respected global research firm Statista for the fourth consecutive year to name America's Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

This year, we've expanded our list to 550 facilities, evaluating and recognizing centers in the 25 states with the most facilities based on U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services data. For the remaining states, we have grouped facilities into four regions: Northeast, Midwest, West, and South. We base our rankings on recommendations from medical professionals and a thorough analysis of the facilities' performance data.

We hope this ranking assists you when making critical medical decisions for yourself or your family.

Our Surgical Specialties