Nebraska Surgery Center

Why Choose Nebraska Surgery Center?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers specialize in same day surgery. Because of new advances in surgery and anesthesia, surgical procedures that used to require an overnight stay in a hospital can be safely performed in a surgery center. Surgery Centers, like hospitals, are held to strict standards and are regulated by state and federal laws to provide safe care.

  • In 2011, more than 5,300 ASCs in the United States performed 23 million surgeries annually. Medicare grants approval for ASCs to perform more than 3,500 procedures. (ASCA Association)
  • Surgery centers are often able to provide surgical care at a lower cost resulting in lower out of pocket expenses for patients.
  • Patient satisfaction scores have consistently remained high. Since 1999, 98-99% of our patients report that they would return to NSC or recommend NSC to friend or family member.
  • Infection rates are lower than inpatient settings.
  • NSC is directed and managed by physicians in our community. This enables the physicians to perform procedures efficiently and improves outcomes.
  • Our staff is experienced and highly trained in outpatient surgery.

Learn more about ASC’s and their importance in our country’s healthcare system at the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association's website.

Choosing a Surgery Center