Nebraska Surgery Center

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Every patient has the right to:

  • receive respectful and safe care by competent personnel;
  • voice grievances regarding treatment or care that is or fails to be furnished;
  • be informed of his or her rights during the admission process;
  • be informed in advance regarding care and treatment and the risks and benefits;
  • make informed decisions regarding care and treatment and to receive information necessary to make those decisions;
  • refuse care and treatment and to be informed of the medical consequences of refusing such;
  • formulate advance directives and to have the Nebraska Surgery Center comply with those directives unless the clinic notifies the patient of the inability to do so;
  • personal privacy and confidentiality of medical records;
  • be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation;
  • access information contained in your medical record within a reasonable time when requested;
  • receive services without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin or payer;
  • voice complaints and grievances without discrimination or reprisal and to have those complaints and grievances addressed.
Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Every patient is responsible for:

  • providing their caregivers the most accurate and complete information regarding present complaints, past illnesses and hospitalizations, medications, unexpected changes in his or her condition, or any other health matters;
  • actively participating in his or her care as evidenced by following all instructions in the course of treatment;
  • reporting whether he or she clearly understands the planned course of treatment and what is expected of him or her;
  • keeping appointments and when unable to do so for notifying the Nebraska Surgery Center and physician;
  • promptly fulfilling his or her financial obligations to the Nebraska Surgery Center;
  • being considerate of other patients, visitors and health care personnel.

The Nebraska Surgery Center sincerely hopes that we meet your expectations. If you wish to voice a complaint or make a suggestion, please call 402-484-6600 and ask to speak to the administrator.

The Nebraska Surgery Center is licensed by the State of Nebraska, so complaints may also be directed to:

Patients who are Medicare beneficiaries may receive additional help from the Office of the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman: